What? No click-throughs? No annoying pop-ups? No banners or trackers? No cookies? No links to Twitter or Facebook?
No. Just information. Which is what the internet was invented for. Before it was hijacked by "marketers".
My communication revolution starts here then.

Frank Bish is a marketing communications specialist.

He consults and advises in all aspects of business communications. This includes:

  • Naming new businesses, and advising in brand development and strategy
  • Creating all initial communications, marketing materials and website content
  • Investor relations collateral
  • Speech writing
  • Employee communications, loyalty-building and retention
  • Media strategies
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Advertising strategies
  • Change management strategies and implementation.

2009 marks his 30th year working in communications. Original, innovative and accurate, Frank provides results at both a tactical and strategic level. To learn more about his skills and experience, please see About.

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